Welcome to Courtland Baptist Church!

Whether you’re getting a new car, a new job, or just making new friends, it's always exciting to start something new. We want to invite you to start something else new—church! Maybe you've never been to church before or you're just looking for a place to belong. Whatever the case, we'd love to have you join us as we start this journey. We believe that God has an incredible plan for every person’s life.

At Courtland Baptist Church, we are a bunch of regular people who are discovering that plan. Nobody here is perfect. In fact, we're all a bunch of works in progress!

We invite you to join us and see how, together, we can start something new.

Pastor David Welch & Family

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Service Time

We invite you to come to our exciting services:

Sunday morning @ 11am

Sunday Evening @ 5:30 pm

Thursday Evening @ 7 pm

Map & Directions

We are located at 147 Primasing Avenue, Courtland, CA 95615. Click here to get directions from where you are located.
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